KGG charges $25.00 per firearm for incoming transfers.


KGG charges $25.00 per firearm for incoming transfers.

KGG DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY FIREARM SHIPPED FROM A NON-LICENSED DEALER OR PRIVATE SELLER. $150.00 charge for item received from a non federal firearms licensed dealer.

STEP ONE Purchase your firearm online

STEP TWO forward the email you receive from the seller, to , we will forward that email to the seller with our FFL attached. We DO NOT send fax.

STEP THREE track your package; it will be ready for pickup TWO HOURS after when it shows delivered.

Please have ONLY the firearm shipped; we are not responsible for extra items. If you have a shopping cart full of items, please do not have them sent to KGG, firearm ONLY.

You MUST have a valid TEXAS ID with your CURRENT address, we DO NOT do transfers to non Texas citizens.

KGG is NOT responsible for damaged items.

KGG is NOT responsible for missing items.

KGG has nothing to do with the purchase of your firearm; we only handle the transfer paperwork.

Please make sure the seller has your phone number and all information. On occasion, sellers send a firearm with no invoice or name attached; it is a good Idea to bring a printout of the invoice with serial number to pick up your firearm.

***Any Item, without prior written authorization, not picked up, unclaimed and/or abandoned for over 30 Days will become property of Katy Gun Gear***